Understand the establishment of a young brand on the cosmetics market in France.

25 Feb, 2022


Faced with an ultra-competitive market, how can a young cosmetic brand make a place for itself on the French market ? Through this article, we will try to bring you some elements of understanding.


The cosmetics market in France is the result of a specific context : France is the world leader in the cosmetics sector. In fact, it is considered the cradle of cosmetics in the world, with brands that have been established for many years. Its market is therefore very mature and there are very powerful brands, which makes it increasingly difficult for new brands to conquer market share.

For a new brand, the challenge is huge. Not only does it have to integrate into the market, but also develop its image and sell-out. Once it has succeeded in integrating into the market, its objective will be to perpetuate its brand and to avoid the trap of the “one-shot” effect.

Thus, from this specific context, we can distinguish several important points to take into account.


For a young brand that wants to survive, it is important that it be accompanied and advised because it must take into account different elements :

  • The brand image : it is an essential parameter to stay in the mind of your consumers. The brand image is not limited to your website or your social networks but is essential within the physical points of sale of the brand and on the websites of its retailers.

  • The need for follow-up : it has been observed that there are many shortcomings among brands that do not benefit from any follow-up, particularly at the level of the sales advisors in their retailers’ stores, where there is a lack of knowledge and dynamism around the brand. But there are also difficulties with stock management and merchandising, simply because they never see a brand representative.

  • The creation of a relationship : it seems fundamental to encourage the human relationship in store so that the sales team feels listened to and advised. In the long run, this will reinforce their motivation and their belief in the brand they sell. This is why it is important to build and create a relationship with your sales teams.

To sum up, a young cosmetic brand that wants to establish itself on the French market must take into account the image of its brand, create relationships and follow up. However, it is often complicated for them to do all this in addition to developing their product range. This is why many brands are increasingly outsourcing services that are not key internally (such as HR services or business development).