Sustainability in the cosmetics industry

5 Apr, 2022


With the rise of ethics and ecology in recent years, awareness of environmental issues and the importance of acting accordingly is accelerating. Cosmetics and beauty in particular are gradually turning towards sustainability and its benefits. Many brands have already reacted or are positioning themselves to do so in the short term.

But what is a sustainable company ?

Sustainability refers to all the daily actions implemented by a group to limit the impact on the environment. A company is therefore considered to be sustainable when “it integrates environmental impacts into its decision-making criteria for the improvement and management of all its processes”. But, in an eco-responsible approach, it’s also necessary to take into account the social aspect of a company’s activity (commitment to fair trade, working conditions…).

According to ADEME

The cosmetics sector is a particularly sensitive sector from the point of view of sustainability since it involves a large number of exchanges, methods and manufacturing processes that have a heavy impact on the environment. Many elements must be taken into account : from the plantation of the products used, to their arrival in the container, everything is studied to know if a cosmetic brand is sustainable or not.

Also, aware of the need for companies in the sector to manage their environmental impact as well as possible and to be concerned about their impact on society and the environment, The Beauty Partners adopts a committed and responsible attitude and integrates environmental & societal issues in its decision-making criteria, and particularly in the selection of its partners.

The Beauty Partners is committed through the selection of its partners

For cosmetic brands, sustainability means paying particular attention to the composition of products (natural, free of artificial fragrances, colorants or endocrine disruptors…), to their various labels (cruelty-free, vegan, organic…), to their societal and environmental impact.

Opting for sustainable cosmetics means participating in the preservation of the environment. By making this choice, The Beauty Partners wishes to highlight brands that combine the benefits for the skin and the environment (such as waste reduction..). The Beauty Partners is thus committed to choosing brands whose products will have a minimum impact on the planet and a maximum for your well-being!

This commitment and the values linked to it are shared with The Beauty Partners’ customer brands. We are a committed company that works with committed partners.

The Beauty Partners is committed on a daily basis

Given the services we offer, that we commit ourselves on a daily basis by implementing simple gestures :

  • When we travel : we prefer public transport. The use of public transport contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • When we work at the office : we use an eco-responsible search engine and we sort our emails in order to limit the environmental impact of our storage and sending. We avoid printing documents as much as possible.
  • During our coffee break : we use biodegradable capsules, aware that coffee capsules represent an environmental scourge. We also avoid disposable dishes and use refillable bottles as much as possible.

The Beauty Partners is committed to society on a daily basis

Beyond the environmental aspect, The Beauty Partners is very concerned about its societal impact in the context of the relationships it has with all of its members.

The Beauty Partners strives to create an atmosphere in the workplace in which all employees can flourish and feel heard, so that everyone can work in the best conditions, and always in a caring manner. The Beauty Partners listens to the needs of its partners and supports their commitments to the best of its ability.

To be a sustainable company in the sector, is already to start by doing one’s best, especially in the areas that have been mentioned… and then continue a never-ending quest in reality ! Actions to be implemented on a daily basis, individually and collectively, in accordance with the best practices of the moment… if possible with a little advance on its time why not ?