Be a Business Developer at The Beauty Partners

20 Sep, 2022


” It’s knowing how to meet people, both physically and virtually, in order to transmit the values of the various beautiful brands and products that we represent on the French market. “

Stéphanie SOUMALA

The business developer has a key role for a company. More than a commercial job, he identifies the different market opportunities of his company and will define a strategy that he will implement to develop his company at best.

The Beauty Partners has a commercial outsourcing solution adaptable to the different needs of cosmetic brands (maximizing the chances of performance by visiting the points of sale and creating a link with the team ; developing a plan of activations with the brand ; increasing the number of points of sale).

Within The Beauty Partners, the business developer is therefore at the heart of the company’s strategy. We currently have 4 of them, including the CEO. They enable the company and the brands we represent to reach out to the public, which makes the business developer the essence of our company. Each business developer of The Beauty Partners is also one for each of our partner brands.

It’s therefore interesting to understand the stakes and the implications of this job within our company. To do this, I was able to talk to two of our business developers to get different views of this job.

Stéphanie SOUMALA

Today Business Developer for The Beauty Partners, Stéphanie went to business school and worked for 2 years in a bank. After her master’s degree in finance and international trade, she decided to go back to what she liked by preparing a master’s degree in Luxury Brand Management.

What do you like and what motivates you in the job of business developer at The Beauty Partners ?

” These are the new challenges every day. At The Beauty Partners, it’s a job where nothing is static : since we are a company that offers a sales outsourcing service to different brands, we are often in the field to meet the different points of sales. This is what allows us to evolve both professionally and personally : as we take on different missions and challenges, we learn and grow.
What is also interesting is the human side : you meet a lot of people with different backgrounds, you are in contact with different professions and this is what is very rewarding. Being a business developer inevitably involves relationships, but here, it’s exacerbated through the product training we do for our partner brands and the follow-up of their retailers. “

As a business developer, what is your greatest strength ?

” I would say that it’s my tenacity and my flexibility, which brings comfort to both the different brands we partner with and to the retailers. It’s also my interpersonal skills that are my strength because I manage to create links quickly with the different partners. “

How can partners and future partners of The Beauty Partners trust us and its business developers ?

” It’s first of all because we have a lot of soft skills : being a business developer at The Beauty Partners means knowing how to communicate, listen and be empathetic. This allows us to build a lasting relationship between retailers and brands. We understand the needs of different customers, what they are looking for and what they expect. But must importantly, we believe in all our brands, we choose our partners as much as they choose us. That’s why we have a great relationship of trust with all our partners: it’s one of the great strengths of the company. “

Laurent NOËL

Today, Laurent is a freelance business developer, notably for The Beauty Partners. He has a great knowledge of the cosmetics market since, after completing a BTS in aesthetics and cosmetics, he worked for major brands such as Sisheido, Chanel and Guerlain as a trainer and international make-up artist.

What does the job of business developer at The Beauty Partners really involve ?

” First of all, it’s to establish a list of prospects that we’ll target according to our different communication campaigns. This means constant contact (calls, appointments, etc.). We are hunters but also educators, which allows us to know the different retailers well and to establish a bond of trust. But it’s also a lot of observation and learning : we have to know all the products of each brand well to introduce them to the different retailers. “

Why is it interesting for brands to use commercial outsourcing and therefore have you as a business developer ?

” It’s interesting for them because we help them develop and increase their visibility while helping them grow in their market. We build loyalty with their old customers but we also allow them to get new ones. We reassure customers on the quality and efficiency of products : commercial outsourcing allows brands to save a lot of time. “

And for you, why be a business developer at The Beauty Partners ?

” Arriving at The Beauty Partners was something very interesting for me. I discovered and got to know new brands, new products. And then, as Stéphanie said, it’s also the human contact, the intuitive and sometimes strategic research of the customer. It’s not boring, the environment is always changing and since we represent different brands, it’s very satisfying to be able to help them all grow and open doors for each of them. “

Why is The Beauty Partners an interesting company ?

” It’s a company that has ambition not only for itself but also for its partners : it has potential and knows how to recognize the potential of the brands it represents. It also has great social values : the management is very human, very rewarding, and always listens carefully to the needs of each individual. Goodwill is a word that defines this company very well.
It offers a sales outsourcing service that no one else offers in France : field follow-up. It’s interesting because, through commercial outsourcing, it offers brands the choice of flexibility. “

Why should a cosmetic brand choose us as a partner ?

” First of all, for economic reasons : it’s more profitable for a brand to outsource its services and, in addition, it allows it to develop more serenely. We personalize customer demand and adapt to their rhythm regarding orders, production and evolution. We already have a network of retailers from which our partners benefit.
Working with us means working with a team that has a great knowledge of the market and the cosmetics sector. “

Business Developer is therefore a key job at The Beauty Partners but also for our partner brands. They wear different hats and adapt to their customers, always with flexibility, which is the company’s DNA. They allow The Beauty Partners to provide a quality commercial outsourcing service to our brands and therefore to meet the needs of both customers and retailers. They allow us to be the ideal partner for cosmetic brands to ensure their development on the French territory.