What does outsourcing of commercial field force mean concretely?

A sales team will visit the points of sale for you to check that the negotiated commercial terms are met, train the sales teams, and encreate a relashionship with the team as if you were there.
With our app, you get instant images, numbers and feedback of the point of sale visited on our platform.
Your field monitoring team, already experienced, already operational, without having to recruit in-house.

What changes for me by outsourcing my sales department?

I access a team that already knows the cosmetic idustry and that I don’t need to train in the business, I just have to train the team on my products. The team is immediately operational and I don’t have to manage its ramp up nor the administrative, human resources and management aspects.
I gain in simplicity of implementation and flexibility.

How many people do you have on the field?

We are currently 4 and the team evolves month after month according to the needs of our customers.

How often are field visits carried out?

This is up to brands’exact needs. We are force of proposal, but we can visit the outlets every 15 days, every month, every 2, 3, 4, 6 months at your convenience according to your priorities.
We can also set up point-of-sale groups favouring priority points of sale to which we will provide more frequent follow-up, and other groups with a decreasing number of annual visits according to your wishes and the profitability of these points of sale.

How many points of sale do you visit by brand?

Same here, you share with us your exact need, we can regularly visit 1 key point of sale for you, which allows you to avoid having to hire a full time internal commercial force that will not be 100% occupied.
We can also meet your need by following 300 or 400 points of sale throughout France, which allows you to avoid deploying an internal complete team.
We can also support an existing field team.

What is your method of remuneration?

For the “Classic” Field Visit Service: we establish a fixed monthly plan that will be calculated based on the location of the points of sale and the visits frequency.
For the «Dynamic» service that integrates the field monitoring + the organization of your marketing animation plan, here as well it is a fixed service that can be calculated monthly, or each time according to the need for events to follow or organize. The field follow-up part remains a monthly package.
For the «Premium» service: it is an agent service, the remuneration is based on a flat-rate mission start-up smoothed over the first 6 months + commission on gross sales. The commission is degressive according to the evolution of sales.

How do you select brands? Selection criterias?

All the brands we represent are brands for which we had a crush, believe in and sell and support as if we were part of your team.

How the application is usefull for you?

The business developers can, thanks to the application, take before/ after pictures of your linear, fill in the assortment/ stock/ prices/ drive means/ training information and all the comments and actions to put in place.
As soon as the visit is over all these information are available to you on our platform.
This allows you to have a real-time vision and the possibility of immediate action.
This gives you a very clear and immediate view of how your brand is presented and performing at the point of sale.

I am a brand already established in France and with an existing sales team, how can you help us?

Temporarily or over a defined area we can also support of an existing team.

The interest? time savings (in implementation/ process and management), flexibility and efficiency of action because you do not need to train the team on the business developer job but only on your brand.

What is the duration of the contracts? Is there a commitment if I want to take a test?

Agent contracts are indefinite, we take charge of the deployment and development of your brand, it is a long-term work to accompany you effectively. Field monitoring service contracts are also open-ended, but may be offered over a test period of 6 months.

I am a point of sale, I would like to reference one of your brands, how to do?

This is good news, we are at your disposal to bring you information and answers you will need by mail or phone:
+33 623 57 36 21

I am interested in your services, how to contact you?

This is also very good news, we are at your disposal to bring you information, answers, quotes that you will need by mail or phone:
+33 623 57 36 21