Cosmetic brands, let’s accelerate your business development!


  • Sales agent services
  • Outsourcing of commercial field supervising

The first commercial outsourcing service dedicated to cosmetic brands in selective distribution.
What if we help you to sustain your brand in selective distribution?



Why outsourcing ?

Outsourcing resources brings flexibility.

Thanks to commercial outsourcing, the customer can:

  • A service sized according to its real needs – not one or more full-time profiles
  • A team of business development experts – no need to power up a team, the profiles are already trained in the business, all you have to do is train them on your product
  • Considerable time savings in administration, human resources, management, etc.

In short, an outsourced sales force means offering agility.

Give yourself agility

The Beauty Partners offers sales agent services and outsourcing of commercial field supervising on the French territory (including FOD), in Monaco and in Luxembourg.

The Beauty Partners is your team on the field, your accelerator, the protector for your brand image, for a long-lasting conquest of the market

Entrust us with your commercial outsourcing & accelerate your business development